Holt Town Regeneration

In the bustling heart of Manchester lies Holt Town, a historic area brimming with potential. Once overlooked, Holt Town will be undertaking a remarkable transformation that will represent a compelling blend of history, regeneration, and accessibility.

Northern Group are very excited to be involved in the creation of Holt Town, a ‘Town within a City’, as we do not only specialise in Property Development and Property Management, but we also have expertise in Urban Renewal and Community Enrichment. After all, we were amongst the first to see the potential of the Ancoats area and played a vital role in its transformation into one of the ‘trendiest neighbourhoods in the world.’

Holt Town is set to be one of the most exciting projects for Manchester's regeneration in the coming years. Located between the City Centre and the Etihad Stadium, neighbouring Sport City, and the brand-new Co-op Live Arena, Holt Town will transform the area even further and provide employment opportunities, up to 4,500 new homes and will even have its own Metrolink station. There will also be a large public green space and a focus on well-being and good health, including new active travel routes.

Northern Group understands that successful regeneration goes beyond bricks and mortar - it requires active community engagement and participation. Through communicating with local organisations, businesses, and residents.  Therefore, Holt Town's revitalisation will reflect the aspirations and values of the people who call it home and make a positive impact on the community.

We are thrilled to be involved in shaping Holt Town into a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient community for the people of Manchester to enjoy and experience. While in the very early stages of master planning at this time, we will be sure to keep our community updated on the progress of the development through our website and social channels.

Image of Holt Town currently - Photo Credit: Manchester City Council.