• 01 August 2017
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Jactin House
24 Hood Street
Ancoats Urban Village
M4 6WX


 0161 974 3232

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COLONY is a brand new coworking community space, full of freelancers, creatives, digital nomads, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. A space where everyone exists together, where ideas pollinate and businesses flourish.

COLONY is not the traditional librarian approach to co–working. It’s a space to build, grow and co-exist.

Formerly a place to stay for local mill workers during the industrial revolution, the large coworking space is now home to a new breed of productive pioneers.

COLONY provides a space which enhances your working day. Members have the freedom to move through the environment as they choose.

COLONY provides all the amenities any modern business requires and more, at an affordable all inclusive rate. Taking away the hassle and day-to-day tasks involved in running an office, you have more time to focus on being productive.




11 April 2018

Apt 14 :: Canal Point


£815 pcm

Apt 2.10 :: Ice Plant


£1,250 pcm

Apt 2.07 :: Ice Plant


£925 pcm

Colony Early Bird Discount
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Apt 3.12 :: Ice Plant


£895 pcm

Apt 3.16 :: Ice Plant


£850 pcm

Apt 4.05 :: Ice Plant


£1,100 pcm

Apt 1.06 :: Ice Plant


£950 pcm